Friday, March 27, 2009

It's finally warm enough to take outdoor photos

I took these photos in central Ulaanbaatar in and around Sukhbaatar Square and the Parliament. Similar to most Mongolian landscapes, these photos show Soviet reminders, global capitalism, and class struggle. Or in other words, the unevenness of post-Soviet development.

The Parliament building was built within the last few years (not without controversy) to replace the old Socialist government building, which was black. In an earlier post there is a photo of me with the statue of Chinggis Khan surrounded by his successors. Also shown below are public art in front of the National Museum, new office towers, and a building shrouded in green netting located across the street from the Parliament building. The gutted building had something to do with duty/taxes and during last summer's riots, after all the alcohol was looted, the building was destroyed. It is now relatively unguarded and frequented by adventure-seeking teenagers.


  1. I noticed the English on the office space for rent and the National Museum. Do a lot of the native people speak English there? It looks totally different without all the snow.

  2. There are quite a few Mongolians who speak English, but the signs aren't for Mongolians. They're for foreign tourists and potential investors. If you've got some extra cash, I've met plenty of people in the mining sector who would be happy to help you make some investments...

  3. I love that last picture. I don't know why.