Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Safe Arrival

I arrived safely to Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khan International Airport Saturday afternoon after some 30 hours of travel. My flights were uneventful. I finally saw "Lawrence of Arabia" on the flight to Seoul from LA and wished I hadn't ordered the vegetarian meal (regular meals on Korean air are more, well Korean). I spent a splendid 5 hours in the Seoul airport with my bro Dan, where I enjoyed some bibimbab, coffee, and fresh pastries. I then flew on to Ulaanbaatar where I was met by one my university contacts.

Currently, I'm living in a dorm room, but will have a choice between apartments at some point this week. For those of you familiar with 'clock-brain', my time in Mongolia will be a great challenge to my American chronometric sensibilities. Last night I had an early dinner with an American teacher I know from Denver, which was fun and kind of amusing since it was at a restaurant where Dan and I breakfasted several times when I was here in 2007.

Everyone is very nice and the situation at the university is a good one. The curriculum is developed by a British agency and is relatively easy to follow. I will be teaching quite a bit (between 3 and 5 hours/day), but with a small class of about 10 students.

I will try to have photos for you soon, but I haven't taken many yet. It is so cold outside for most of the day that the idea of stopping to take photos is extremely unattractive. The high here for the next month or so will be 5 degrees fahrenheit. Hope all is well in your locales.

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